You have to be seen to be the best. In a noisy and crowded world, it’s the people, not the company, that make the stories. You bring your company, business or project to life.

    1. Experience the game & Aha! Build on your core of character, personality, strengths, and passions, you will be ready to move!
    1. Your network becomes your messengers. You need sales people & word of mouth marketers. Creating an army of fans or followers usually starts small. Little things start with tiny gathering.
    1. Choose your best platform. Select and grow your audience.
    1. Thought leadership comes from content. Valuable and sharable content attracts people to your thoughts, ideas and intentions. Content is king. Help people solve problems.
This session will be organized by Aleen Zakka Blog.

Aleen Zakka
Personal branding and reputation management expert
Founder of Net2work-Branding
President of Middle East Division of Ascendant Group USA

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The goal of CEO women Forum is to create 60-min session with experts and allow women around the world to benefit from digital experts’ tips.

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