Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous facets of our day to day lives have been negatively affected. From the world’s economy and health care systems to businesses and profits, this crisis has harshly halted the steady growth the world has always been accustomed to witnessing. But more specifically, women in businesses have been facing numerous challenges finding the suitable resources to establish and grow their presence in the workplace.

Entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, have also been suffering from the hardships the pandemic has caused. The simple and quick solutions they used to adopt to help maintain their businesses and succeed have become less and less available and profitable.
At this point, the pandemic has moved beyond the health crisis and has turned into a challenge for the labor market. But how do women entrepreneurs around the world overcome this long-lasting obstacle?

Women All Around the Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned most businesses towards social media and adopting an online presence. Every woman around the world had to shift her business to survive, despite the fact that some might not have been ready or knowledgeable enough to take on this huge step.

An online business requires a various number of upkeeping and focus to succeed. From leveraging the business’s online presence, social media, website and sales to online social events and promotions, women entrepreneurs need to make sure they have all the necessary tools to ensure they keep profiting off their work.

Women in developed countries are opening up to this opportunity and the need for change to maintain their lifelong work and keep their business empowered and successful.

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Despite all this, it is important to mention that many women around the world do not have easy access to these necessary tools to profit from these facilities and, in turn, the online world.

I find myself constantly thinking about business women in the Arab world, but more specifically Lebanese woman, who have been horribly affected by what can only be described as the worst and darkest time for women in the workplace this past decade. Not only do Lebanese women have to handle a health crisis but also a financial, economic and social crisis. The pandemic has created a long-term problem that women have to tackle when it comes to their businesses in terms of security, earnings, unclear costs of production caused by the unpredictability of the Lebanese currency as well as limited access to Internet, in a country that is already facing problematic political situations that lead to an unstable infrastructure development.

“Woman is the solution to poverty. Woman is education. Woman is hope for change. Woman is power at work. We can stand on our own and face obstacles together.”

Since the Lebanese Civil War, Lebanese women have put their minds together to restore what is left of the business world. While living in a vulnerable community, they have reinstated hope and faith in other women as well as empowered them to build a stronger career.

Unfortunately, the current situation leaves Lebanese women standing on unstable grounds, while attempting to be more productive and creative in a society that gives them little to no payback. They are forced to survive through this global economic war and local financial crisis by keeping their cash cow income strong to protect themselves in the case of another threatening low-growth market.

Where Do Lebanese Women Go From Here?

I have trained women of all age groups so I know that no matter her professional field, her age or her social status, any Lebanese woman deserves to reserve her place in the global market to become a priority online. Living through a crisis does not mean that she needs to give up or retire. Every woman is capable to manage and master at least one or two platforms on social media.

If you are a Lebanese business woman suffering from the crisis, keep your digital presence growing to give you advantages in the global market and to be known around the world. You never know when you might find a business partner, an investor or even a potential client that would help expand your business globally.

In addition to that, it is important to keep in mind the various other services you could provide to people in these difficult times. Freelancing, coaching, selling products online and selling online services are some of the many different things you could add to your business to help make it more prosperous.

It is a time like any other to hold onto your passion and to prioritize it. Take the time to master social media techniques and profit from home through online methods. It might be a long road ahead, but it surely is profitable!

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It is very important to remember that Digital Marketing is not a shortcut to earn money. It is significant to put in a good amount of time and effort to learn the basics before diving into it. When you start having a little experience online, you will start to find different ways to earn money. The more you are exposed to it, learn from it as well as practice it, the more you can make considerable earnings from your digital marketing techniques.

As a digital expert myself, my aim is to take on a new approach to strengthen and support women and their business journeys whether they want to grow their careers, pick up their startups online or run their own businesses from scratch. I want to empower women to feel more comfortable when starting a home-based business so they can focus on other aspects of their lives as well.

Given all this, I have created various digital training packages to help women find sustainable means of increasing their economic empowerment in this inevitable crisis. If this idea sounds daunting to you because you simply feel like do not know how to use social media at its full potential, chances are, changing your ways of thinking in your business will help you sell and succeed in completing your goals.

Start earning money online and I guarantee you that you won’t regret it!

Women’s Business Empowerment in Social Media

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