What differentiates your brand from other leaders in the market? Do you feel like all of the words have been taken, twisted and used so often until they are tired clichés?
In a society of imitation and replication, whatever you bring to the market as your competitive advantage will soon be copied. So, I’d like to challenge the premise of competitive advantage.
Inherent in the term “competitive advantage” is the idea that you are defining yourself against the standard of others, your competitors. That’s an interesting context–especially if you feel you are truly unique in your market. You need an “edge” if you want to make it. You will fail without it.

How do you find your “edge”?
If you do what everyone else is doing, you will get the same results as everyone else. Your “edge” is what will separate you from the competition!
Your “edge” is the part of your process that gives you an advantage in every aspect of your brand. This isn’t some secret hack or shortcut; it’s the critical component of both your mindset and strategy that sets you apart from others.

This is important for two reasons.
The first reason – your edge is your secret recipe – your brand’s secret – your well-guarded formula.
The second reason relates to psychology and day-to-day activities. If you are constantly chasing others’ formulas, you will be careless, hasty, and sloppy. If you are focused on developing an edge, you will be diligent, patient, and methodical.
Start by identifying your strengths so you can take advantage of them.

What can you do that others can’t or won’t?
Here are some examples:

  • Work Ethic – You are willing to work harder than everyone.
  • Preparation – You are constantly learning!
  • Patience – You can focus on the big picture while others are trying to nail short-term moves.
  • Focus – You have the ability to narrow your focus and prioritize the quality over quantity
  • Industry Knowledge – You have unique knowledge about a specific industry due to your occupation or personal interests.
  • Schedule – You can commit more time or wake up earlier than everyone else.
  • Tools & Resources – You have access to better tools, platforms, networks
  • Research Process – You have a unique research process through which you discover information most competitors are unaware of.

We can’t let other people’s stereotypes or their views of our faults or limitations, right or wrong, hold us back. Instead, we have to focus on finding our “edge”, the unique qualities that set us apart, and take strategic steps to make other people see our value and open the doors that will take us where we want to go.
Only in the places of discomfort can we experience true growth.
Do you feel you have more to give? Do you dream of a better life and lack the courage to make a change? Harness and leverage Your Potential.

  • Discover your Inspiration, what you truly want from life, and how to ignite that internal drive within yourself.
  • Learn how to own your Courage through self-belief and personal understanding as you build the bridge from Inspiration to action.
  • Take steps to embark on challenges and hurdles that lay outside your comfort zone.

Instead of picking the competitors you’re “better” than, identify the customers for which you are the only answer.
Never be afraid of failure, we learn from our mistakes and the journey to finding our edge is worth it, take my word for it. Where the world ends, your “edge” begins.

Your “Edge”, and why it matter.

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