Linkedin Presence – Generating Leads

What is the value of building a personal presence on LinkedIn presence?
My goal is to help entrepreneurs create leading, authentic businesses. I am an entrepreneur myself with experience in influencer marketing and venture capital so I bring something uniquely valuable to the table on both sides of the coin.

No one knew what your company does?
Let me tell you how building a confident LinkedIn profile for your business can start generating leads for you that convert into sales or partner opportunities!
The key to generate more leads via social media engagement is having a compelling brand story, speaking visually in elements like covers, header images and concise titles and descriptions while – at the same time – introducing members of your team and connecting testimonials

This session will be organized by Aleen Zakka Blog.


Aleen Zakka

Personal branding and reputation management expert
Founder of Net2work-Branding
President of Middle East Division of Ascendant Group USA
Chair of Creative Women Platform – Lebanon

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